Brands We Repair

Who RSM Appliance Repair Works With

Our technicians are very experienced and have done a lot for the people in the Rancho Santa Margarita area over the years. Appliances come in all models and warranties that need certain treatment depending on their issues. We specialize in the following brands:

• Maytag

• Kenmore

• Frigidaire

• Viking

• GE

• Samsung

• LG

• Bosch

My Appliance Isn't In One of the Above Brands

It doesn't matter, experts are able to adapt to material they aren't experienced with and still be able to make the proper repairs. So give us a call regardless.

What kinds of repairs do you take on?

From simple to complex issues such as a simple repair of a valve to entire replacements, there's not much we don't do. Anything can go wrong but it's our job to find out what and why so you don't have to such as:

• Loud knocking noises

• Motors that have stopped running

• Coolant leaks

• Water leaks

• ...and much, much more

Can't I do the repairs myself?

We're not going to lie to you. There are plenty of repairs that can be done at home that don't involve any extra equipment or advanced technical knowledge. However, that's not all there is to meet the eye

You can look up how to repair a certain part and fix it. But every few weeks the same problems keeps occurring and you have no idea why. It could be that the part is beyond repair and needs replacement or that another part is broken and affecting the part you're working on. You wouldn't know unless you had experience with these types of things.

It's not impossible don't get us wrong. But some things it's easier to leave to the experts. They've spent years training and honing their craft to be able to get the job done more efficiently than someone looking up a tutorial.

We encourage doing things yourself and even have an expert talk you through repairs over the phone if they're simple enough but for everything else you can leave that up to us.

If you're ever in a crisis, we will:

• Guarantee the quality of our work

• Make sure that there are no further issues that require attention

• Get you the best deal on replacement parts

• Fix it properly the first time

When to Call Us

We're as transparent as possible and encouraged you to look at what company seems to be the best fit for you. We don't try to lure in customers as we want the interaction to be informative and honest. However, as our testimonials and years of service have shown, we do a pretty good job.

This is from the fact that we hold training in the highest regard possible which means staying up to date on the latest technology and techniques for handling problems. We also do a lot of soft skills training to make sure our techs and calling agents always deal with our customers in a very respectful manner.

The people here in Rancho Santa Margarita have trusted us for generations so you should as well. Our satisfaction guarantee is a peace of mind in knowing we'll do it right the first time.